If we ask you to imagine a picture of a hard-working mom, what comes to your mind? We hope you don’t picture a woman with frizzy hair, loose dress and seemingly stressed from being a housewife. We hope that you picture a woman who is fierce, strong, and loved. Take a look around craftyhealthymommy.com  and be ready to be transformed to be a better version of yourself as a mother.

We started as a group of mothers who attend Zumba classes every morning in the beautiful city of Rockford, Illinois. We believe that all women are beautiful even after giving birth, but must not stop caring for themselves. craftyhealthymommy.com aims to help mothers to get back on track on everything. We share life hacks, care tips, how to stay fit and attractive, so you keep winning the life of motherhood.

Our heart is full knowing that we have helped a lot of mothers win back their life by following our tips and guides written by our amazing team of moms.

Enjoy and Be a Crazy Healthy Mom.