Why Princess Butt Plugs Are Perfect For Your Luxurious Taste

Many people enjoy anal play. With the popularity of sex toys, you can find almost anything you imagine. But the most popular toy for lovers of anal is undoubtedly a butt plug. These toys are often a part of anal training kits, and they do a great job of preparing you for anal sex.

An excellent way to spice things up is to get a princess plug, which will make you feel royal.

What Are Princess Plugs?

Princess plugs are one of the newest additions to the sex toys repertoire, and they look similar to their basic counterparts. The only difference is that princess or jeweled butt plugs have a gemstone in their base. Once the person inserts the toy in their anus, the gem will be visible.

Naturally, the manufacturers will use fake gemstones, and jewel plugs are usually made of stainless steel. If you are an anal play beginner, you might want to wait a bit before getting yourself this type of toy.

The reason for this is that princess plugs are quite unforgiving, and there are no ways to change their shape. You will need to get used to the sensation of having a large plug inside your anus.

When it comes to design, it is quite similar to standard anal plugs. The toys have a flared base, thinner “neck,” and they are easy to use. Anyone into anal sex can use these anal toys, and you can wear them for as long as you want. Of course, beginners should start with smaller sessions and take their time until they are used to wearing them. But once you are comfortable enough, you can hold them in for hours!

Many users enjoy the thrill of wearing butt plugs when outside, and there is undoubtedly something special and kinky about it. You will have a naughty secret, and no one will know why you’re smirking.

What Makes Princess Plugs Unique Compare to Other Butt Plugs?

Since princess butt plugs are usually made of stainless steel, which makes them one of the safest toys on the market. Also, they are body-safe, and you won’t have to worry about problems or allergies.

Furthermore, steel butt plugs are also easy to clean. Steel is a non-porous material, which means that there aren’t any tiny holes and crevices in the toy surface. As a result, you can easily wash them with water, and you can use any type of product you like.

You can also use any lubricant since steel is compatible with everything.

Steel toys are also great for temperature play. For this type of activity, you will either heat up or cool down a toy to provide additional stimulation in your anus. Naturally, you won’t put a toy in the oven for safety reasons. But even if you did, nothing would happen to the plug.

Princess plugs are versatile, and steel is among the best sex toy materials you can find in the market, especially online. Unfortunately, even though the toy is high-quality, that doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for any experience level. Some might find it to be not as comfortable to wear as silicone butt plugs.

Similar to glass toys, princess plugs are unisex, and anyone can use them. Many believe that there are only butt plugs for women, but the truth is quite the opposite. For example, plugs can also act as prostate massagers and offer a different and unique type of sensation.

Finally, the jewel can be quite pretty, and it will make you feel like a princess. Even though it is similar in design to other types of plugs, there is something special and unique about this model. It will allow you to experience anal sex like never before.

Why Are Princess Butt Plugs Perfect for Those Who Want to Be Treated and Feel Like a Princess?

If you want to feel like royalty, but you don’t want (or can’t) marry Prince Harry, there is another way — princess plugs! As we already mentioned, the toy has a gemstone in the base, and there is no doubt that they look cute.

Most plugs will arrive in a velvet drawstring bag, and they look incredible. Of course, we should mention that you shouldn’t keep the toy in the bag once you start using it. You should always find a clean and safe place to store it.

You can also find tiny plugs, which are great for all beginners out there. Some might say that jeweled plugs are more accessory or butt jewelry than a sex toy, and they might be right. But if you feel like the toy is doing nothing, you can always get a bigger one.

What is excellent about butt jewelry is that you will feel like royalty. They look exquisite, and you can even wear them during intercourse. Many people have a kink for princesses, and you can always try roleplaying while wearing the toy. Imagine a damsel in distress, locked in a tower, with a precious gemstone in her butt!


If you enjoy anal play, you probably had experience with butt plugs. But even if you didn’t, it’s never too late to start. Princess plug is a great toy for those looking for something more and always had a luxurious taste.

The toy is usually made of stainless steel, and it has a gemstone placed on its base. While it is possible to find toys made of other materials, they are not as common as steel models.

Jewel plugs are fun, unique, and perfect for anyone who wants to be pampered like the little aristocratic lady they are!